Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

I’ve been planning a project for about a year now (or maybe longer?) and I haven’t been doing anything about it until recently. I don’t know why I’ve been keen on finishing it, but it’s a good thing!


Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2013)

How could you go to space? I’ve asked myself that a hunderd of times as I leaf through my book and wrestled with the formulas. I guess I wasn’t smart enough, but the fascination remains.


Algebra 2
Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2013)

This is a redo of an early papercut I made last year. I am happier with this. Feeling the same way when I solve equations easily.


Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2012)

Everyone’s familiar with her, because she’s the first one I’ve done… and that’s fine. It’s the way I’d like it to be.

I am halfway done with this project, and these are the easier parts. And I have to rename the project because there’s a band having the same name as what I thought of.

(I can honestly say now that I don’t spend my free time watching series and looking up Richard Armitage on tumblr hahahahahaha creys.)

Hey guysssss! It’s been 2 months since I’ve updated, and as always I feel really bad about it. But then again, I’m just collecting stuff for things to share, and these couple of weeks have been super exciting for me.

Heim Interiors, the interior design firm of Heima Home and Lifestyle, commissioned me to make lettering designs for Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


I’ve been curious about the overall shabby chic look of Vanilla Cupcake since I saw their small Trinoma kiosk, especially after I’ve treated myself to an afternoon there: it looks and feels like Heima’s early shabby chic collection, but done in pastels. And I was right, it was definitely Heim Interiors!

The team approached me to make handwritten, cupcake-themed decals for their project. At first I didn’t know it was for the store, and it was a good thing because I loved their concept and I don’t want to stick to a preconceived style the store is using.

I guess I was super excited and pumped that I got the concept quickly and worked on it. I had a hard time with the lettering: my handwriting is the worst, and although I can style it and make it look better, it was not what the concept asked for. So I went on and modified and tweaked some typefaces, which looked pretty good (aka better than my handwriting).

The decals looked super cute, I can’t resist making mock-ups!


Because I haven’t been going around the malls during those weeks, I didn’t see them posted in the stores until last week. I was looking for a present for my boyfriend (it was his birthday!) and I was going around frantically when I passed by and gasped! It was so surreal.

After designing the decal, they approached me to design the neon light lettering for the shop too! These kinds of quirky, unexpected details make Heim Interiors stand out: a sweet-looking store with neon lights, and it works! Who knew?

The team wanted baking/cupcake quotes in script. I came up with two designs within a day because I was super excited! This time, I followed my gut and decided to make one with modified typefaces and one with my (cleaned-up) handwriting. Mockup again, ugh they look so cool!


They chose the one with my handwriting! It was a revelation, really!

The neon lettering is installed in their new UP Town Center branch in Katipunan. I wish I can visit the store soon, but for now I’ll just repost the pic from @heiminteriors’ Instagram account. (Let’s make the #friendless Katipunan meet happen, guys!)

neon cupcakes

October is starting to be an interesting month to blog about, and I’ve lined up some more posts and projects that would hopefully push through (you know, apart from me doing my day job). I hope it does and I hope I can do everything well!

Hello guys! I have been busy to sit down and blog but I do get to post on tumblr and Instagram, because it’s an instant gratification thing. So let me make up for it by posting stuff with my phone!

I got myself a really affordable smart phone, and I’ve been using it lately because it’s pretty convenient (Google apps are great!) even though the camera’s not so good. All of our cameras have broken down and are under repair, so I got to rely on this cam, and although I’m really not satisfied with the photos, it got me posting in Instagram quite a bit. So, to the updates:

Soon at Heima


Super secret Heima project! Heima’s new stuff this fall will be so great, can’t wait for the release! (Reposted from @heimastore, of course.)

Paper cut practice


So happy to do more, proper layout when we get our camera back.

YAY Fanart

poi poster

Made a Saul Bass-inspired poster for Person of Interest just because I saw the SDCC poster and it makes me giggle and point at how, uh, mind-boggling it is.


Also, WHO’S LISTENING TOΒ WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE? Guys, it’s ridiculously good, and it makes me doodle things.

Mabuhay DIY interview

mabuhay diy

I got featured and interviewed in Mabuhay DIY! Mabuhay DIY is super crafter Drea’s blog, which chronicles her arts and crafts journey. I wish I can make time and craft religiously like her. Thank you so much Drea! <3

There are so much stuff to do this month and I hope I can blog more about it!


People don’t get why I love Foucault’s Pendulum. And understandably so, because it’s a very hard book to read – with footnotes, offline blog entries, and a retelling of the history of Western esotericism (and an alternate view of Western history). But if only for quotes like these, for heartbreaking stories about the pains of creation, and for how words and symbols have lives of their own.


It’s July, and suddenly everything falls into the category of “things I haven’t done,” because I certainly haven’t done anything relatively big and structured, and it seems that way for the first half of the year too even though I made really great stuff. The 6-month mark really does get to me, especially when the only thing I can remember doing is sitting through the first seasons of Hannibal (as a person who read Thomas Harris while growing up, OH MY GOD everything is beautiful and everything hurts) and Person of Interest (so far it’s a crime-of-the-week sci-fi show/commentary on national surveillance and AI but Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson are MAGNIFICENT) after work. Haven’t even finished Game of Thrones season 3 yet (I’ve read the books so I know, OK?). Heck, even work was testing my ability to open eyelids. June was ultimately lazy, guys.

I can’t wait to have more exciting things soon. It will be hectic and crazy again, and I hope I’ll be ready to face it.


Because I learned how to ship things from Amazon without incurring ridiculously expensive shipping fees, I tried starting a collection of design books. My brother, who does magical things with money, started his own with Modern Architecture books (mostly Taschen, argh). Because I can afford some things now (living in the province = budget aww yeah) I am trying to get more design books with the hope that they can help me go where I want to go, as far as design is concerned. Supplementary graphic design education, yo!

(I also bought that secondhand beanie baby deer, but not in Amazon. His name is Heisenberg.)

  • Β If I didn’t read Thinking with Type, I wouldn’t have used grids on this site. Or on anything, for that matter. It’s a course in graphic design that I didn’t really have in the past! And I’m surprised at how handy this book is! This is my go-to book on design from now on.
  • Design School Confidential is not mine (hehe) but I’m gonna get mine soon. I haven’t finished it yet because I really want to make my own versions of the projects, so I can experience the whole thing.
  • Whenever I flip open Paper Cutting, I die a little inside and kick myself for not doing that paper project I’ve been planning for 2 years now.
  • Craft, Inc. and The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing has been helpful to me in understanding the design business. It has always been hard for me to put a price on my designs that I forget about replying to some inquiries (it’s rude and I AM SORRY :(((( ) just because I am horrified about computing stuff. So far these books are pushing me into the right direction.
  • HOW Magazine’s annual Self-Promotion Awards issue huhuhu so many pretty things.

OK, not so much books (I didn’t feature the non-design books I got though, so stay tuned). But it’s a start. Do you have any more book recommendations this month?

At the start of this year, I was in the mood to revisit some of the things I did last year. This site’s new look is a result of that, but it took me quite a long time to actually sit down and do it. Some other projects got delayed because of work, and believe me, I really want to finish all of them while working if it wouldn’t cost me time to focus on everything at once.

But some little things got through, and when I look at them I get a little hopeful, especially on really bad days: there is hope for you yet, young unworthy padawan. I am actually improving on things! Here are some of them.

Bilbo Baggins Says

Remember that image on the first entry of this blog? The one that started all of these? Apparently, a lot of LOTR fans loved it on tumblr. Somebody even told me that if the How To Succeed In Business… musical and The Hobbit had a kid, it would be that image. Thank you, tumblr peeps! You are so nice when you’re not super sensitive.

When I was starting to make notebooks, I thought, “hey I need that Bilbo Baggins print on one!” I dug into my old files for the PSD/AI file and I found… NOTHING. Turned out I didn’t save it. It was well past 12am and I was feeling so sad about it, so decided that I didn’t have any choice but to do it all over again.

And after some hours, hey I pulled off something nice!


Also, using new stills! I spent half an hour drooling over Bilbo and Thorin when these came out.

I retained some shapes and orientation, but there’s definitely an improvement. You see, I was still hesitant to try out typography and lettering at the start of last year. I have really horrible handwriting, and I didn’t study letter anatomy, kerning, weights, etc. And I was pretty bad at choosing fonts when I was younger (I skipped Bleeding Cowboys though, so YAY) so I didn’t believe in my skills. But while working on many things last year, I realized that studying type was important, and this was the result of reading and practising after a year.

I had more breathing space! A sense of balance! And the typefaces relate to each other! And they are more readable! If life was composed of little victories, this would be one of them. Or at least that’s how it feels like whenever I look at these two side-by-side.


If you follow me in social media sites, you know I always post references to Daenerys Targaryen. She’s one of my favorite characters in A Song of Ice and Fire (and OK sure, Game of Thrones), especially on the first three books (if you’ve read books 4-5 you’ll understand how mad I am at how her story and Tyrion’s went crashing down into Boringsphere AMIRITE NERDS GEORGE WHY, oops sorry about the rant), and I love drawing her.

I drew a vector portrait of her one tiring night after a whole day sourcing at Divisoria because WHY NOT? I was pretty pleased with myself (“drew this using a trackpad with minimal sleep after a day of walking in a hot, crowded marketplace and bargaining with really noisy people!!!”) when I posted this on tumblr but after a while I really, really wanted to delete it.

So I went ahead and redid it because again, why not?

dany rev

Now it kinda looks more like her?

I guess I have a lot to improve on when it comes to drawing realistic stuff. Both of the images aren’t dynamic to me (I tried in the second one). I have been struggling on a style for years, and I’m really afraid to lose the things I learned to like when I take refresher courses. (I am doing an Andrew Loomis refresher, but barely!) I am in constant struggle with myself, and this comparison reminds me that I have to work on a lot of things, even though they can pass off as good enough to other people.

I hope to see more improvement on my work the coming years ahead. I guess I’m pretty confident of them now: I’m selling the Bilbo Baggins Says notebook at my store and the Khaleesi print (and iPhone case, laptop skin, pilow, card, etc.!) on Society6 (free shipping until Sunday, wee!). But still. My underlying philosophy that works most of the time is: everything can suck and I must outrun the suck. Pretty negative, but hey, I could outrun some things, it seems.


A very long, overdue post, guys, but I finally made it! And with a new layout too! I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT.

During the start of the year, I was itching to blog about stuff that happened last year. I have a lot of backlog right after I got out of the hospital. But whenever I open the site, I can’t help but notice things and re-evaluate. Do I need an intro page like that? My About page is so long, lulz. I don’t feel like clicking the Portfolio page, eh. Internally, WordPress’s gallery was tiring to maintain – it was too cluttered and powerful for what I need.

Also, I was starting to use my logo into forms, invoices, and other media, and I noticed that the asymmetrical shape makes it hard to layout. I tried modifying it a bit… but it’s still not it.


Also, it became too swirly! Hmm.

So I decided that I needed a complete overhaul, which was good but tiring. Pretty soon, instead of updating my blog, I just sit and nitpick about things I didn’t like about it. That’s it, blog layout, I love you but I need to move on.


A last look –Β I’m listening to The Great Gatsby soundtrack while typing this, and I can imagine my blog singing to me: will you still love me, when I’m no longer young and beautiful. Of course bb I will, I’m just changing your layout, that’s all. πŸ™‚

It took me a really long time to start, and to figure out what to do – it was what I was doing site-wise during that long downtime. I grabbed little bursts of free time to work on the things I wanted to change, mainly my logo, colors, and layout.

I modified my logo first. There were too many loops and elements in the old one, so I decided to tame it down a bit.


Also, I’ve been reading more on grids in design, so I used grids FINALLY after forgetting all about it. GRIDS, THEY ARE IMPORTANT. Now this variation has the personality of the old one, but more structured. LOVE IT.

After the logo, I wanted to define elements I want to use around the blog. Initially, I just wanted to make do with my ribbons and make a pretty “inspiration board” post. But I found Braizen‘s branding boards and realized that I needed to sort out my site stuff with that kind of clarity.


With all the keywords, fonts, new icons and everything! I changed Museo and Caslon into Tisa and Minion because they are better suited for web.

This got me really excited about diving in and doing a complete layout overhaul. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at various WordPress templates and themes, but I never found what I really wanted. I got overwhelmed while working on Em’s website too, so I developed this love-hate relationship with WordPress.

Fortunately, I found Stacey App CMS from Tin & Ed’s and Kara Villaseran‘s sites. Reading through it sounds complicated, but I figured out things by looking at templates. It’s easy! I found out that I can still churn out a decent website from scratch (still, please don’t hire me), and use it on Stacey. (It’s kind of a throwback to that time in my life when I made (really bad) websites, haha.) WordPress does lots of things for you and sometimes you can’t keep track of files you want to modify – but with Stacey I know where all my files are going! Genius.

WordPress is still great at blogs though, so I chose the simplest theme to modify and made a seamless blog page.

I was so addicted to making my site from scratch, I spent my birthday doing it! No really: it was Election Day and I couldn’t go outside after voting, so I chose to do this instead.

I’ve still have lots of work to upload! But here’s the site for now. This means I can finally go on with my life, work properly, ship orders and watch Hannibal episodes on repeat do more productive things.

Check out the portfolio and about pages (the contact thing works!!!), and finally linked my shop and social networks on the menu. How do you like it so far? πŸ™‚

So onwards to another update! I’ve been happily balancing things around my life, and although it takes a toll on me on some nights (aka I didn’t notice I was asleep for 12 hours!!!), I’m just glad I’ve been really creative and driven. Or at least I’ve been planning things. πŸ™‚

But I digress, here’s the rest of March and April! (Also, I’ve been adding “yo” to everything because I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad, sorry!)

Heima’s Brixton Block Party!

You know this was coming, guys who follow me on Tumblr. Bong and Rossy of Heima Store just opened their newest branch at 3 Brixton St., Pasig City, and commissioned me to make another set of Paper Club Prints for the opening, based on my typography exercises and my notebooks. They gave me free reign of what I can do, and sometimes too much freedom can be nerve-wrecking. But I love working with the Heima team because they give me so much inspiration, that I whipped most of these pretty quickly!

Keeping with the tradition of offering uplifting design prints (since the Keep Calm posters they introduced at Cubao X), the team gave me various words of wisdom to interpret. I picked out my favorites among them, and tried incorporating them to the new store’s aesthetics, which is industrial/masculine but still very Heima. Here are the results:

blog-brixton2 blog-brixton3 blog-brixton1

Fave is the uppermost top-left, can you tell that I have a bias for C. S. Lewis? Narnia kid all the way, yo! Also, one print became the door sticker!

They liked it so much that they gave me another project to work on, which was to design merchandise for The Brixton Block Party – their opening event AND the vinyl soundtrack launch of Marie Jamora’s film Ang Nawawala.


Of course I was so excited to be part of it – I may not be the target audience of this film, but I think it looks so good, it’s on a right step ahead for Filipino films, plus the soundtrack is great (I like to listen to it in the morning). And I remember spazzing out when I found out that Cynthia Bauzon-Arre made the illustrations for the cover!


Guess who bought one because they have a new record player? GUESS. πŸ˜€

Bong liked my Pond Feels notebooks, and decided them to be the main inspiration.



Took some playing around with the colors, balance and the arrangement.


I particularly like this one, because it wasn’t as predictable as the last ones, plus I saw a connection between the twin characters here: Gibson is a little bit earth-bound while Jamie is on a different plane, but they still have a connection.


Turns out that Marie and I were on the same train of thought! She told me later that she liked it because “Jamie’s coming out of Gibson’s head!” which is how it is in the movie!


Took us a couple of days exchanging emails with almost everybody and the final design was DONE. πŸ˜€

blog-brixton9 blog-brixton8

Afterwards, I was invited to the party! And let me tell you, it was so much fun – but not as fun as I’ve expected! I met the Heima team (all the bubbly people), Marie (I love her energy), Jess and Jill from my old office, Eldzs and the Thursday Room people, met Valerie on the way home, and had another spazzed-out moment when I saw Cynthia (I am so sorry for freaking you outttttt!!!). I went with my blockmate forever, Boombee, and we had a little heart attack when we were reunited with Pat and Rik of Proudrace! College friends! I MISS YOU! <3


That’s Boom and Me, from Hannah Salla’s gallery.


From Ang Nawawala’s tumblrΒ (that’s me and Marie)

We were by far older than the rest of the people (and we didn’t know most of them haha), and to paraphrase my brother, “that was so hipster of you,” but it didn’t stop us from having a great time with friends. πŸ™‚

The Kwento Project

My friend Tintin just graduated from BFA Information Design, so go congratulate her! I helped her out by illustrating a story for her thesis, The Kwento Project, which encourages families to read Filipino folk stories together, through old (print) and new (tablets) ways.

I got a challenging one from her, a story from Bicol called Monkeys and Dragonflies.

The challenge was to reinterpret these stories in your own way but would suit the narrative. Being somebody who believes that she lived in the turn of the century until the 1930’s, I thought about The Godfather (think Part II, with De Niro)! Gangsters! Art Nouevau and Art Deco! Let’s do this!


Monkeys are hard to draw yo, but super satisfying to cut.

Check out more stories and more illustrations from friends and other artists on The Kwento Project website!

#friendless SHH

I’ve been meeting really lovely, talented, and awkward people around for quite some time, and we got together as fans of BBC’s Sherlock. We call ourselves #friendless, and until we come out, we can’t divulge our secrets to anyone.

But I think I can tell everyone that our secret society enjoys our meetups, that we are currently loving Subspace Coffee House‘s Taro Coffee (with Doctor Who coffee art!!!), and that we’re gonna launch something big soon.

And I can let it slip that we’re currently obsessed with NBC’s Hannibal.

Aaaand… that was the Months That Were! Β I’m just so happy to get those stories out in my blog. I hope you come back for more, and by then I’ve taken the huge step into revamping this site. It has been a year, wow it has been a year! πŸ˜€

Hey guys! I know, I’m pretty much delayed with updating this blog! Believe me when I say I really, really, REALLY want to update… but because I started out the year with fixing my friend’s site up, I’ve been itching to update this site. Plans have been at the back of my mind and I really want to sit down and do this well… and until I do, I just don’t want to see this old layout. I’m suddenly so impatient with this!

But really good things have happened these past few months, I’ve been bursting with stories to tell!


“Busy” is an understatement during those days. I’ve been designing giveaways and bundling them up by myself at work, we’ve been visiting relatives and it’s pretty hard to do while commuting, and I’ve been trying to start a small store.

Because of my former jobs in graphics, I get dibs on designing stuff for company events. When you think about it, internal company events can run with things designed in MS Powerpoint (I hate Powerpoint with a passion, guys) and get away with it. I tried so hard to go against it, even if I’m given a really short deadline and a last-minute brief. So I’ve been making event tarps, shirts, and what-have-you’s ever since I got this job.

Here are some things that we did during the holidays, minus the usual Christmas cards (I didn’t take a picture of those because once I was done I was SO TIRED):


CAT CALENDAR. Bask in the cuteness of these felines, while keeping with the dates. I had SO MANY CLIENTS requesting for these when people were giving them out, which was good for the company… but I was the only one assembling the stuff so YAY ARMY OF CATS. :O


Cut-out Christmas tree that we gave away with the cats. And… our only photo of the truck that we dressed up as Santa Claus for the annual CSR Christmas outreach program, because after we finished this we all passed out. This was A PAIN TO DECORATE, as it is a huge-ass 20-wheeler truck. Thankful that I didn’t have do this by myself ! *high-fives D&T team*

And… after this I just go directly to bed. Good times?

Jake and Joy’s Wedding Invites

Jake is one of my blockmates in engineering, and I’m pretty flattered when they remember that I design things, because these engineering people are not to be messed with. CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRIES, YO. Anyway, he got married last January so I’ve worked on his and his wife Joy’s wedding invitations.

I tried to design an invitation for another couple in the past, but I guess I didn’t capture the bride’s tastes, and I learned early on that it’s a very important thing; otherwise, let another artist do it. I was hesitant to make another one (“maybe I’m not really for weddings, huhuhuhuhu”), but I love how Joy sent me her inspiration board that I got into her state of mind pretty quickly!

At first they wanted to change the typefaces and add some accents to an existing design


And then they told me that they like mine so much that I should consider a redesign!


The final thing!


Things were so hectic and problematic that day that I didn’t make it to their wedding (Who loses her stuff on a jeep? Me.) and I’ve yet to see the invite printed out, but I’m so glad I made two beautiful people happy!

Fandom Jots

I confess: I was eager to have this giveaway last October, partly because I wanted to know how to ship out stuff abroad to clients. The experiment turned out to be a success because I learned how to send stuff internationally!

I signed up for Etsy a long time ago, just in case my friends and I revive our accessory business. Seeing the demand and the feedback I got from the Tumblr community, I plucked out the courage to use that account and try selling stuff! And this is how my Etsy shop, Beruna Girl Papers was born!

Right now I’ve been thinking of expanding to other fandoms and geek-related activities, as well as putting out some badass quotes and drawings in the future, as well as new bindings and materials. Gonna experiment with cards, posters, and other stationery too!Β Right now, here are the new things! πŸ™‚

fj1 fj3 fj6 fj7

I’ve also added a small widget of my Etsy Store on the right side of the blog, check it out! πŸ˜€

Wired Feature! WOOT!

To celebrate Fringe’s final season, Gallery 1988 at LA held Fringe Benefits, a show featuring gorgeous Fringe-inspired artworks and posters. When Wired Underwire featured the exhibit, they went out of their way to feature Fringe fanart from around the world… and they picked one of mine!blog-inbetween2

Super thanks to Jon Ginn (who is probably one of the cutest guys in Tumblr, and check out his contribution as well) and Hugh Hart for discovering my work and featuring it on one of my favorite sites!

Em’s Site

My friend Em, who collaborated with me here, asked me to revive her portfolio site. Being Em, I know she loves minimalism and clean working spaces because her works are so colorful and playful, that they don’t need any additional accents.


Now, here is a study in humility: I failed to deliver on time because I realized I couldn’t code fast enough. I am so glad that Em still accepted my work, and we’re still talking, but there should be no excuses. I realized that I am pretty rusty on coding, and that I should always have a backup when things go wrong! When things were going wrong, this piece by Jessica Hische came into mind. I stepped onto the challenge because Em had been a great friend and I thought Β I could muster something as easily as I did some years ago, but I keep on forgetting that I chose to develop and enrich another talent – that I can’t do everything.

But I step back, and I thought I did pretty well!


Lots of lessons learned, and I’m glad that things got to be better. Also folks, don’t give me coding jobs yet!

Well. This is a long post, it needs a part 2! Will come up shortly!

Happy 2013 – wait, it’s MARCH already?

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I’ve been super busy the past few months – I’ve been in charge of all Christmas/New Year stuff at work (lone artist at work, lulz!) and we’ve had so many projects. I’ve been busy with freelance work too, and right now I’ve just been catching up on sleep. (Thank you holidays!!!!)

Onwards, though. Remember the goals I’ve encircled last year? Here’s a look back on some of those. I didn’t do some of them, and some of my plans and personal projects have been shelved, but I’ve managed to fulfill more and still learn new things this year.

2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4

Tried keeping it simple this time. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about my new projects. I’ve been more active in tumblr, and after erasing my initial account (created for following people, deleted when I decided to give up on mobile photo-taking), I reopened my Instagram account this month (trying to make use of my new camera phone: photo quality is still cringe-inducing but hmm, let’s give it a chance).

The past few months turned out to be challenging but fun! I hope it stays that way, although I don’t mind some vacations in between. <3