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So onwards to another update! I’ve been happily balancing things around my life, and although it takes a toll on me on some nights (aka I didn’t notice I was asleep for 12 hours!!!), I’m just glad I’ve been really creative and driven. Or at least I’ve been planning things. 🙂

But I digress, here’s the rest of March and April! (Also, I’ve been adding “yo” to everything because I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad, sorry!)

Heima’s Brixton Block Party!

You know this was coming, guys who follow me on Tumblr. Bong and Rossy of Heima Store just opened their newest branch at 3 Brixton St., Pasig City, and commissioned me to make another set of Paper Club Prints for the opening, based on my typography exercises and my notebooks. They gave me free reign of what I can do, and sometimes too much freedom can be nerve-wrecking. But I love working with the Heima team because they give me so much inspiration, that I whipped most of these pretty quickly!

Keeping with the tradition of offering uplifting design prints (since the Keep Calm posters they introduced at Cubao X), the team gave me various words of wisdom to interpret. I picked out my favorites among them, and tried incorporating them to the new store’s aesthetics, which is industrial/masculine but still very Heima. Here are the results:

blog-brixton2 blog-brixton3 blog-brixton1

Fave is the uppermost top-left, can you tell that I have a bias for C. S. Lewis? Narnia kid all the way, yo! Also, one print became the door sticker!

They liked it so much that they gave me another project to work on, which was to design merchandise for The Brixton Block Party – their opening event AND the vinyl soundtrack launch of Marie Jamora’s film Ang Nawawala.


Of course I was so excited to be part of it – I may not be the target audience of this film, but I think it looks so good, it’s on a right step ahead for Filipino films, plus the soundtrack is great (I like to listen to it in the morning). And I remember spazzing out when I found out that Cynthia Bauzon-Arre made the illustrations for the cover!


Guess who bought one because they have a new record player? GUESS. 😀

Bong liked my Pond Feels notebooks, and decided them to be the main inspiration.



Took some playing around with the colors, balance and the arrangement.


I particularly like this one, because it wasn’t as predictable as the last ones, plus I saw a connection between the twin characters here: Gibson is a little bit earth-bound while Jamie is on a different plane, but they still have a connection.


Turns out that Marie and I were on the same train of thought! She told me later that she liked it because “Jamie’s coming out of Gibson’s head!” which is how it is in the movie!


Took us a couple of days exchanging emails with almost everybody and the final design was DONE. 😀

blog-brixton9 blog-brixton8

Afterwards, I was invited to the party! And let me tell you, it was so much fun – but not as fun as I’ve expected! I met the Heima team (all the bubbly people), Marie (I love her energy), Jess and Jill from my old office, Eldzs and the Thursday Room people, met Valerie on the way home, and had another spazzed-out moment when I saw Cynthia (I am so sorry for freaking you outttttt!!!). I went with my blockmate forever, Boombee, and we had a little heart attack when we were reunited with Pat and Rik of Proudrace! College friends! I MISS YOU! <3


That’s Boom and Me, from Hannah Salla’s gallery.


From Ang Nawawala’s tumblr (that’s me and Marie)

We were by far older than the rest of the people (and we didn’t know most of them haha), and to paraphrase my brother, “that was so hipster of you,” but it didn’t stop us from having a great time with friends. 🙂

The Kwento Project

My friend Tintin just graduated from BFA Information Design, so go congratulate her! I helped her out by illustrating a story for her thesis, The Kwento Project, which encourages families to read Filipino folk stories together, through old (print) and new (tablets) ways.

I got a challenging one from her, a story from Bicol called Monkeys and Dragonflies.

The challenge was to reinterpret these stories in your own way but would suit the narrative. Being somebody who believes that she lived in the turn of the century until the 1930’s, I thought about The Godfather (think Part II, with De Niro)! Gangsters! Art Nouevau and Art Deco! Let’s do this!


Monkeys are hard to draw yo, but super satisfying to cut.

Check out more stories and more illustrations from friends and other artists on The Kwento Project website!

#friendless SHH

I’ve been meeting really lovely, talented, and awkward people around for quite some time, and we got together as fans of BBC’s Sherlock. We call ourselves #friendless, and until we come out, we can’t divulge our secrets to anyone.

But I think I can tell everyone that our secret society enjoys our meetups, that we are currently loving Subspace Coffee House‘s Taro Coffee (with Doctor Who coffee art!!!), and that we’re gonna launch something big soon.

And I can let it slip that we’re currently obsessed with NBC’s Hannibal.

Aaaand… that was the Months That Were!  I’m just so happy to get those stories out in my blog. I hope you come back for more, and by then I’ve taken the huge step into revamping this site. It has been a year, wow it has been a year! 😀

Happy 2013 – wait, it’s MARCH already?

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I’ve been super busy the past few months – I’ve been in charge of all Christmas/New Year stuff at work (lone artist at work, lulz!) and we’ve had so many projects. I’ve been busy with freelance work too, and right now I’ve just been catching up on sleep. (Thank you holidays!!!!)

Onwards, though. Remember the goals I’ve encircled last year? Here’s a look back on some of those. I didn’t do some of them, and some of my plans and personal projects have been shelved, but I’ve managed to fulfill more and still learn new things this year.

2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4

Tried keeping it simple this time. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about my new projects. I’ve been more active in tumblr, and after erasing my initial account (created for following people, deleted when I decided to give up on mobile photo-taking), I reopened my Instagram account this month (trying to make use of my new camera phone: photo quality is still cringe-inducing but hmm, let’s give it a chance).

The past few months turned out to be challenging but fun! I hope it stays that way, although I don’t mind some vacations in between. <3

Because Tumblr is great and my followers are the best, I’m giving away free stuff! I’ve printed out some of my Fringe covers that I made and some exciting notebooks (more about them later!), and decided to give them away to 3 lucky people.


This is exclusively for people who have tumblr blogs but I’m feeling really generous, so if you happen to scroll through this blog and have a tumblr blog, you have 2 more days to like and reblog my post! Visit my tumblr for the rules and prizes, reblog and like, and cross your fingers for good luck! <3

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holiday work?

Updating from work on the holidays! To Muslim readers, have a good holiday. 🙂 (That Japanese doll means nothing though, it’s one of the cute dolls our company have on display.)

Um, actually, I thought I retired from photography but what am I doing now? 😛 But hey I’m doing something that I can also submit to Things Organized Neatly, so oh well. Also, I’ve been doing some work on this rush project and I am excited and actually wishing that they would like it. If it pushes on, I will be so fulfilled!

I hope everybody’s having a good holiday today. Rest easy and take care! 🙂

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My friends and I held an ID majors reunion last weekend at Antipolo, Rizal, because it was World Industrial Design day, hehe. It’s a 2 hour drive from Manila and is also located up in a mountain (I also live near mountains), so for us it’s stil quite an aventure. We got lost in a casino, hung out in resorts and artsy spots, and had a sleepover while talking about how everyone’s doing so far and how Ramon Bautista’s Tales From The Friend Zone is pretty accurate. We also went swimming while it rained, haha.

I brought my brother’s Olympus XZ-1 and after this I’m really itching to buy my own.


Speaking of Olympus, I also have a working OM-10 SLR and it’s one of the coolest thing I’ve ever had, and the XZ-1 is a great addition to our cameras. I am particularly in love with the camera’s SLR-like function with its f1.8 aperture in a point-and-shoot body! Major drool! Also, I tried different built-in artsy settings because everything was so gray, and I love how they turned out!

Today I’m under blankets while updating my blog. It’s definitely rainy season here and it’s especially cold here in the provinces. Hope you’re doing well there guys!


Dropped by last weekend at Heima Store‘s LRI Makati branch to check out my recent collaboration with them! I designed some prints for Heima’s Paper Club, which are inspired by nature at summertime reflected in the home. Also, my first foray into lettering! I am happy with how these designs turned out as prints but my hands are itching for them to be turned into actual paper cuts (soon, maybe?). But still, I am very thankful to Bong and Rossy of Heima for loving my designs enough to feature my designs in their store (also, congratulations to a recent milestone!).


That’s my print sitting on the beautiful wing chair. (I dream of owning a wing chair one day.) You can see its siblings at the back.


My print beside Fozzy Castro Dayrit’s calligraphic print!


And beside Heima originals.


So in love with this table setting.


Also on this huggable pillow!

Also, like anybody who goes into the store, I am overwhelmed with the feeling to take pictures of everything! I used to work with Heima years ago, and I’ve experienced people asking to take photos lots of times. Years later, I can still feel the same excitement.


Their front window and lamps are decorated by this team called the Pper Heads. Instantly became a big fan and I want to meet them soon! (I don’t have a picture of the whole window and the new furniture because I brought the wrong lens, so visit them to find out!)

blog-heima4 blog-heima5

Washi tapes and magazines.


Trying to pose with MJ, Heima’s store manager and resident DJ, before saying goodbye. 🙂

I realized that I missed so much after I moved back to Laguna. I’m finding it more complicated to set schedules, arrange stuff and catch buses to visit my friends. But as they said in Heima: home is where the heart is, and it’s still definitely in the midst of friends even if they live away from home.

Drop by Heima at 229 LRI Design Plaza at N. Garcia st., Makati City, or at Shop 33 at Cubao Expo, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

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