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Happy new year! Still very busy here at work, I’ve yet to catch a breather even after the holidays.

Even though I still have plans on posting this really long update, I chose to go through stuff bit by bit this year. And if you’re following me on Instagram, you’d notice that I post some lettering attempts and sketches. I’ve been doing them since I’ve bought brush pen refills from Japan (yes, I went to Japan, remind me to post some photos!) and although I haven’t been that great, I’ve seen some improvements from the things I did for VCB.

I’ve enrolled myself in Mary Kay McDevitt’s Skillshare class, and even though I haven’t posted anything in class I’ve tried the exercises after some months. While attending a lettering workshop by Serious Studio, I finally had the time to complete the lettering project.

The class project involves making a poster out of a favorite quote, and since the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack was on repeat on the latter part of 2014, I chose to draw something from The Origin of Love.


I collected my thumbnails into an image. I lacked some historical research on this, as the lesson recommends.

Defining some of the shapes and alignment. Still undecisive of some stuff.

Inking the thing! Tracing over the drawing helped me decide on the final shapes.

Hedwig - not as great
Tracing the poster in Illustrator for the first time. Ugh look at the awkward, uneven lines. I’m not so great with colors, that I made 3 more color tests that I posted in tumblr and had to scrap after.

Hedwig final!

Finally, I decided to get the color scheme from photos from Hedwig’s costumes from Broadway. It’s my most favorite so far!

So here’s a little Valentine’s thing for you guys, I hope you like it. I made more stuff and practiced a lot since this, and I’ve been more comfortable with brush pens. Like always, I’m still in the process of discovering that distinct style that I’d like to call my own, and practice makes things better. I hope I’l have time for everything else though!

What’s next for this blog? I have no idea, but I hope I have the time and guts to finish them all soon.

I’ve been planning a project for about a year now (or maybe longer?) and I haven’t been doing anything about it until recently. I don’t know why I’ve been keen on finishing it, but it’s a good thing!


Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2013)

How could you go to space? I’ve asked myself that a hunderd of times as I leaf through my book and wrestled with the formulas. I guess I wasn’t smart enough, but the fascination remains.


Algebra 2
Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2013)

This is a redo of an early papercut I made last year. I am happier with this. Feeling the same way when I solve equations easily.


Papercut (Acid-free watercolor paper, 2012)

Everyone’s familiar with her, because she’s the first one I’ve done… and that’s fine. It’s the way I’d like it to be.

I am halfway done with this project, and these are the easier parts. And I have to rename the project because there’s a band having the same name as what I thought of.

(I can honestly say now that I don’t spend my free time watching series and looking up Richard Armitage on tumblr hahahahahaha creys.)

At the start of this year, I was in the mood to revisit some of the things I did last year. This site’s new look is a result of that, but it took me quite a long time to actually sit down and do it. Some other projects got delayed because of work, and believe me, I really want to finish all of them while working if it wouldn’t cost me time to focus on everything at once.

But some little things got through, and when I look at them I get a little hopeful, especially on really bad days: there is hope for you yet, young unworthy padawan. I am actually improving on things! Here are some of them.

Bilbo Baggins Says

Remember that image on the first entry of this blog? The one that started all of these? Apparently, a lot of LOTR fans loved it on tumblr. Somebody even told me that if the How To Succeed In Business… musical and The Hobbit had a kid, it would be that image. Thank you, tumblr peeps! You are so nice when you’re not super sensitive.

When I was starting to make notebooks, I thought, “hey I need that Bilbo Baggins print on one!” I dug into my old files for the PSD/AI file and I found… NOTHING. Turned out I didn’t save it. It was well past 12am and I was feeling so sad about it, so decided that I didn’t have any choice but to do it all over again.

And after some hours, hey I pulled off something nice!


Also, using new stills! I spent half an hour drooling over Bilbo and Thorin when these came out.

I retained some shapes and orientation, but there’s definitely an improvement. You see, I was still hesitant to try out typography and lettering at the start of last year. I have really horrible handwriting, and I didn’t study letter anatomy, kerning, weights, etc. And I was pretty bad at choosing fonts when I was younger (I skipped Bleeding Cowboys though, so YAY) so I didn’t believe in my skills. But while working on many things last year, I realized that studying type was important, and this was the result of reading and practising after a year.

I had more breathing space! A sense of balance! And the typefaces relate to each other! And they are more readable! If life was composed of little victories, this would be one of them. Or at least that’s how it feels like whenever I look at these two side-by-side.


If you follow me in social media sites, you know I always post references to Daenerys Targaryen. She’s one of my favorite characters in A Song of Ice and Fire (and OK sure, Game of Thrones), especially on the first three books (if you’ve read books 4-5 you’ll understand how mad I am at how her story and Tyrion’s went crashing down into Boringsphere AMIRITE NERDS GEORGE WHY, oops sorry about the rant), and I love drawing her.

I drew a vector portrait of her one tiring night after a whole day sourcing at Divisoria because WHY NOT? I was pretty pleased with myself (“drew this using a trackpad with minimal sleep after a day of walking in a hot, crowded marketplace and bargaining with really noisy people!!!”) when I posted this on tumblr but after a while I really, really wanted to delete it.

So I went ahead and redid it because again, why not?

dany rev

Now it kinda looks more like her?

I guess I have a lot to improve on when it comes to drawing realistic stuff. Both of the images aren’t dynamic to me (I tried in the second one). I have been struggling on a style for years, and I’m really afraid to lose the things I learned to like when I take refresher courses. (I am doing an Andrew Loomis refresher, but barely!) I am in constant struggle with myself, and this comparison reminds me that I have to work on a lot of things, even though they can pass off as good enough to other people.

I hope to see more improvement on my work the coming years ahead. I guess I’m pretty confident of them now: I’m selling the Bilbo Baggins Says notebook at my store and the Khaleesi print (and iPhone case, laptop skin, pilow, card, etc.!) on Society6 (free shipping until Sunday, wee!). But still. My underlying philosophy that works most of the time is: everything can suck and I must outrun the suck. Pretty negative, but hey, I could outrun some things, it seems.

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