Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

  • I am so in love with Soasig Chamillard’s saintly Pop Culture sculptures because they are so ironic and beautiful! I am raised as a Catholic and I get how the identity of women can be relegated into the familiar silhouette of Marian statues, and vice versa – especially while one is growing up. Probably the first time in a long time I was moved like this by an artwork!
  • I’m neither an Australian nor a businesswoman, but I found Women in Business very inspirational, plus the layout is so lovely. Bookmarked it if I ever get to go back into selling my stuff. 🙂
  • I’ve been tinkering with type this year, and this guide by H&F-J helped me a lot! I violated most of the rules here (heh) but sometimes you just have to use the right tools for the trade.
  • Design*Sponge wants us to know that it’s OK to say no (to upcoming projects, that is)! I wish I read this years ago and it could’ve saved me lots of trouble!
  • Frugal By Choice is becoming one of my favorite blogs to read even if I don’t have time to cook or DIY everything. Apart from the interesting projects, it inspires me to be practically frugal with my time and money… even when it hurts.
  • Because I’m trying to lose weight (huhu), Tieka of Selective Potential is my peg! Apart from her amazing fashion sense, I appreciate her being open about her weight-loss journey and how she slowly felt comfortable in her own skin. I hope I can do it too!

  • September 21, 2012
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I’ve talked about my personal blogging history some months ago, and I’m happy that a lot of people who read it remembered their first websites and blogs, and how the community was back then. It’s funny how blogs started out as these angst and hormone-ridden personal diaries and evolved into the media of sponsored, young fashion and food enthusiasts. My younger self would rant about this – reclaim the blogs! – but now I appreciate what these bloggers are doing and I’m happy for them that they can merge their personal life with more productive things.

Last month I decided to delete my Livejournal, Blurty, and DeviantArt accounts. I just woke up one morning and told myself, “I am not andreavenge anymore, and I haven’t opened them in years, so what’s the point?” I used to keep my blogs as a reminder of how I was back then, and to look up some graphics I did or old photos I had. It was hard to click the “delete account” button, to say goodbye to all those dysfunctional stories and all those growing pains, but as a social tool they don’t really serve their purpose as they did before.

I believe that I wouldn’t be a little better if I didn’t go though my blogs, and I do appreciate the things, opportunities, and experiences I learned while growing up and blogging. I read through my old blogs and I found out that I didn’t know where they were headed, and what they wanted to say. Or maybe I grew too old for them, this blog being so very different from them now. I wish I knew myself better then and invested on a better blogging platform so I can sync them with my new ones, but I guess that having this new platform and my own domain is a sign that I’ve known myself better now.

This week, I received a notice from Multiply that they will be deleting personal accounts to give way to more online store accounts. I had a hard time deciding to delete this account because I used it as a massive photo dump, and I displayed most of my favorite web layouts there. With a heavy heart, I finally backed up the photos and took one last look at my layout before I cancelled the account.

Somehow it feels liberating and refreshing to start anew with the times, and watch yourself grow again.


Hello everybody! I’m still alive, hahaha! Also, like a good fan, I can’t stop myself from posting a pic of September from Fringe this month.

Work and weekend trips dominated my August and early September, but it’s not as dramatic or emotionally-wrenching like July, so everything is good. Right now I’m focusing more on losing weight, which I’m happy to report that I am doing successfully but slowly! I didn’t think that I can cut down on the sweets and eliminate the chips and other junk food like I did before, but now I stopped craving. I just got back into the habit of exercising too, so I hope rains or really bad weather wouldn’t get in the way or I have to fight my way with the bros and work out with our EA Active 2 on the PS3.

It was Fringe‘s anniversary last September 9, and although I am really, really sad that my favorite show had to go, I’m so happy being a fan of it and I certainly won’t forget this show long after it ends. As a tribute, I collected all my Fringe covers into one page here:

Fringe Essentials Covers

It looks so good in the iPad (also, we have an official office iPad, because my boss is awesome)! So glad that people in the fandom love them, and I’m glad that most of my friends started tuning in because of my covers. I just wish that there would be a season or two more to enjoy.

I’ve been doing a lot of fan work, like wallpapers and gifs, these past few months. I guess working on a field entirely different from graphic design had made me miss Photoshop and Illustrator, and I’ve been enjoying them as a mental and creative activity. Although it’s pretty much a short-attention-span, instant-gratification thing and I don’t get to own some rights, it’s still a productive activity which I enjoy immensely.

But then I had an opportunity to design something for a very strange client this month, something I’ve been dreaming of doing ever since! So excited to share it with you, and although the final art wasn’t really my most favorite of what I did, I see it as a foot in the door and a start of a great adventure.

So how are you doing? How’s September (the month – although tell me asap if you’ve seen Observers around)?

  • August 21, 2012
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holiday work?

Updating from work on the holidays! To Muslim readers, have a good holiday. 🙂 (That Japanese doll means nothing though, it’s one of the cute dolls our company have on display.)

Um, actually, I thought I retired from photography but what am I doing now? 😛 But hey I’m doing something that I can also submit to Things Organized Neatly, so oh well. Also, I’ve been doing some work on this rush project and I am excited and actually wishing that they would like it. If it pushes on, I will be so fulfilled!

I hope everybody’s having a good holiday today. Rest easy and take care! 🙂


Confession: I am really bad at color. I don’t know how to choose good color combinations from the color wheel when critical times call for it (and trust me, after so many tempera color plates at freshie year, I have this huge relationship with the color wheel) and this is why I choose monochrome most of the time. So I thought of improving on this and using my Pinterest pins to help me. I’ll post one image I pinned from Pinterest and figure out a color combo. 🙂


Pinned this photo of Claudia Cardinale by Richard Avedon. I tried to pick up the colors and get a sense of harmony from it, and picked up the blue vintage tint too. Does it work for you? 🙂

  • August 12, 2012
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Thank you for still tuning in! Hahaha! It’s been a crazy July for me: I’ve never had so much hard decisions to make about life in a very short span, also had so much stress to deal with at work, that my face is a constant Fassyshark face the whole month. (I was thinking to post my actual Fassyshark face, but it might scare people with weak constitutions.) Also, it was a bad month for making things, that I didn’t make anything that is bloggable and to be proud of.

I… guess that these early days of August made some validations of the things I decided on last month. Although it was the low point, in retrospect it is good to have a month like July to check yourself and your priorities. This August felt good to me, even if we just passed a nationwide calamity and is experiencing an all-time low vibes week (I hope my goal to volunteer would be fulfilled though, even though I live so far from Manila, where the calamity hits most). Also, Susan of Pocketchange featured me at their website, check it out! First feature, so happy! I hope it stays optimistic and I hope I would get better things done.

*p.s. That’s my film photo of Quiapo taken years ago. I miss taking pictures.

  • August 12, 2012
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Hi guys! Wow I skipped almost all weeks of July! But let’s restart all things with books.

  • I just finished Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado. By far one of the most unique things in Filipino literature I’ve read in a long time. (But not without my qualms: I figured that this book is more for the foreign market, but in a showbiz industry where names like Fernando Poe and Cherie Gil make sense, what Pinoy talent agent names their star Wigberto Lakandula? I mean seriously, those names are outrageous.) It eloquently tells its story of the literary ironies in the third world (i.e., writing stories of oppressed farmers in a cafe in Paris), hilarious and sometimes scathing reflections of the excess of the upper class from one generation to another, and the diaspora that destroys families, with a twist that you wouldn’t expect.
  • Because the boyfriend stopped me from splurging while Powerbooks was on sale this weekend, I just picked St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell, a book I saw in one of John Gall’s design sites. By far it reminds me of Salinger’s Nine Stories but is mixed with some magic realism – the kind you outgrow when you hit teenage years – and I’m liking it.
  • I saw The Children of Hurin and A Clockwork Orange in Booksale and I had to get them ASAP. Would I find Clockwork as riveting as I did six years ago in my reread? I hope so. I am also planning to read all my Tolkien books before The Hobbit hits the screen, and Children is a new addition.

Turning out to be a good year for books! Crossing fingers for new ones next month.

I am recovering from a flu so that means I stayed at home instead of doing the things I planned to do with my friends this week, huhuhu. 🙁 Today I tried getting up and finished another Afterschool piece, and I had so many mistakes that I practically redid most of it. 😛 But here it is! <3



Paper cut on acid-free paper, approx 16 X 10 in

Did this while watching HBO’s Rome (best TV show ever, you guys) and the original Star Wars trilogy. I know, isn’t it weird that these get me in the zone? 😛

blog-sick2 blog-sick1

So I hope you had a more productive weekend than me. See you next week!


Sorry for the delay, guys! July started out busy, But hey, some great links ahead!

I hope I can read more articles and share them to you. I am coughing as I’m typing this and I hope I get well, but then I won’t have an excuse to read!