Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

  • January 3, 2019
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After 2 years I finally got this zine out of me. I’m just getting it out there. This is a breakup zine – I broke up with someone after 10 years.

I rarely wrote for public or for anything or anyone at all so I’m pretty ambivalent about releasing this in the wild. I enjoyed laying this out, although it’s pretty dated by now. Publishing has been a big goal for me so I wish I’m doing this right.

  • January 1, 2016
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Hello 2016 from

I guess you can say that 2015 was a really nerve-wrecking year for me, with all the changes and unexpected challenges coming at me in all directions. I want to be more ready and positive this year. I want to be more proactive and happy, and I want to be able to blog about it more here.

I have a lot of things to share to everyone and I hope I can do it this year. Let’s go!
Also, sharing a playlist I made some hours ago. Have a great 2016 guys!

  • December 25, 2015
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The one time I realize that I have wayyyyyyy too much blog backlog is when I post some Christmas greetings. It’s December and I haven’t been posting as much as I wanted, which is disappointing because I wanted to post a lot. I’ve been trying to discover a lot of new things this year, and it’s been super hard. I wish it was all worth it.

I’ve been sending these online Christmas cards since 2010 and even if I usually do them at the last minute, it gives me time to think about the people who helped me throughout the year.

Thanks for everything, guys! Have a great holiday season ahead!

  • September 6, 2015
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It took me some weeks to blog about it, and here it is: I am finally done with my last day at work! Cue the obligatory, I’m-channelling-Mel-Gibson-in-Braveheart yells of “freedom!!!” from this direction. I am officially self-employed and will be happy to accept your commissions and projects you’d be sending my way.

But wow, I never imagined to work in an office – in a manufacturing plant in Laguna, no less – for three years, but life does surprise you. My stay in KPPI has been the longest, and I would like to believe that a mixture of good environment, efficiency, and creativity kept me there for as long as I could.

The office wasn’t perfect, but it gave me an opportunity to stretch my creativity. It gave exercises for the analytic side of my brain, and actually made use of the things I learned in industrial design. Everything is always designed to be more efficient and economical than the last, and it’s a real challenge to do.

Last year, they sent some of us to our Japan office and I’m still very thankful for the opportunity (Japan! Yes! I should go back!). I still am not the friendliest person in the bunch, but I learned a lot on communicating well and dealing with different kinds of people.

I can’t (and won’t) post the things I did for our clients, but I can post the work I did for company events. I would always volunteer to make our shirt and stage designs because it’s extra work that I enjoy, plus it gives me a chance to practice new techniques and styles:

Yes, I make things for corporate events:
kpg mangrove invite
and even officemates’ family’s birthdays:

I even made some weird, 3D things for special events, like this gigantic carton 1-peso coin (my final project):

Every quarter, our evaluation form would ask us the question, “where do you imagine yourself in 5 years?” I would always answer it with “still designing things.” Creating will always be a big part of me, and I’m happy to spend these last few years inserting my creativity to every project I do. I’m thankful for my old office for all the opportunities they gave me, and I wish everyone the best.

  • December 25, 2014
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Happy Holidays! I know this blog is spotty, but I just wanna greet y’all in the holidays.
I have some more stuff to cover, stay tuned!

Needless to say I am still surprised that this blog is still alive.

But things did happen! And most of the time I am busy with work (Yes! Still employed while freelancing and sewing notebooks! A miracle, right?), and I just have to catch up on sleep (else, I might go insane). I am old, guys, and I can’t stay up even if I’d really want to.

(No, really, I tried going without sleep for 2 days this year. I thought I was gonna die. 5 years ago I would still be running on adrenaline on day 3, and can walk around.)

Will try to document the process as much as I can, but here are some notable things that happened:

Made notebooks for Jessica Zafra

Twisted notebooks

Designed more neon lights!

VCB Glorietta 3

Designed a super posh mural for My Apt

My Apt wall

Made more paper cut art

Trese WIP

Made new notebooks!!!

11th Companions

Tried foil again! (Yessss.)


Of course, the kicker is I turned 30 this year.

I was planning some visual information design razzmatazz, but I still haven’t been taking notes. Maybe later? Right now, how about a riot grrl/angry girl rock playlist?

30 is too old to be a bad girl

If you guess which painting this is I will kiss you. Also, even while catching up on jazz and electronic swing, I’m still an angry 90’s kid at heart.

I don’t know how to feel about me turning 30. On one hand, I’m glad for everything so far, even if things never go as I expect them (especially this year, what), I am still surprised about what everyday brings. On the other hand, doom: have I done anything remotely useful for humanity? If not, isn’t that embarrassing? What is the point of going past 30? Are things going to get better?

But enough existential drama. Busy tayo. Until the next post! (I swear I will write more!)


This blog is still alive, yes! I’ve expected December to be super busy, but not THIS busy. I’m keeping track on things at Instagram though.


Made stuff like t-shirts and moving scale models for our office Xmas  party. It’s my local Lantern Parade tradition (aka stating up really, really late at work).


Made some prints and the wall for My Apt., Heima’s new store for men with taste. Even with the limited time they gave me do these, I enjoyed working on these! Follow them in Instagram @thisismyapt. Blog entry soon!


Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and Cafe opened its new branch in BGC, so I’ve made a few more graphics for them via Heim Interiors. Must visit by BGC, I miss that place!


I attended the Lantern Parade yesterday! It was still super fun even though I didn’t see a lot of friends, and the floats this year are awesome.


In notebooks news, I’ve just delivered the last batch for Xmas. Jessica Zafra also featured my notebooks in her blog (with my batchmate AJ’s and Noel’s hilarious comics series, Crime Fighting Call Center Agents) after I attended her book swap. It still feels surreal to be featured, though.

Wait, what? It’s halfway through December? But there’s so much to do!!! Aaaagh!

  • November 4, 2013
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Living in Laguna, it’s pretty hard for me to go out and hang with friends. I’m lucky that I get to work with some of them, if only online. I’m particularly glad to drop by Heima and work in their projects, and this specific project excited me so much it had me going back and forth to the city.



Just in time for Manila Design Week, Heima launched their Garden Stories Collection. I was so happy to be a small part of it: I made 2 paper cutout and collage posters! As the Heima team describes their new collection:

Inspired by the beauty of nature and childhood memories, Garden stories collection celebrates life’s tranquil moments and fun warm afternoons spent running around in open gardens. Garden Stories aims to bring back the importance of nature in people’s everyday lives. People say green is the most relaxing colour to lay your eyes on and, with Heima’s new collection of furniture, the brand would like to offer people the sense of peace, relaxation and easy living when going home after a hard day’s work.

I attended the intimate collection launch last October 26, and I’m surprised at all the furniture they produced! I was told that it would be a smaller collection, but it doesn’t look and feel smaller at all. The variety of furniture – more at home with greens and blooms – is pretty much more experimental and wider than the past collections.


Beautiful Princess wicker chairs!


I’ve aways loved this corner!


More prints by Arlene Sy


Prints from Miss_Etc, which are very fresh!


The dual sides of Heima!




The fresh, young professionals manning Heima!


Hello! It’s me!


Plushies 😀

Aaaaand… I finally got to visit UP Town Center!

My college blockmates have been talking about reunions. After attending Pat and Rik’s talk at Ayala Museum and Ninel’s exhibit some weekends back, we all realized that we miss each other, and it would be really nice if we can have a small lunch somewhere.

I convinced them to try out the restaurants in UP Town, so I can take pictures of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery hehe. 🙂 After taking pictures of the store, my camera died. No reunion pics, unfortunately!




Chad and I

December is upon us and it would be a busy month for me once again, and this makes me miss the city much more. I hope to meet friends again, even in short lunches and coffee, because I really miss everyone!

Hey guysssss! It’s been 2 months since I’ve updated, and as always I feel really bad about it. But then again, I’m just collecting stuff for things to share, and these couple of weeks have been super exciting for me.

Heim Interiors, the interior design firm of Heima Home and Lifestyle, commissioned me to make lettering designs for Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


I’ve been curious about the overall shabby chic look of Vanilla Cupcake since I saw their small Trinoma kiosk, especially after I’ve treated myself to an afternoon there: it looks and feels like Heima’s early shabby chic collection, but done in pastels. And I was right, it was definitely Heim Interiors!

The team approached me to make handwritten, cupcake-themed decals for their project. At first I didn’t know it was for the store, and it was a good thing because I loved their concept and I don’t want to stick to a preconceived style the store is using.

I guess I was super excited and pumped that I got the concept quickly and worked on it. I had a hard time with the lettering: my handwriting is the worst, and although I can style it and make it look better, it was not what the concept asked for. So I went on and modified and tweaked some typefaces, which looked pretty good (aka better than my handwriting).

The decals looked super cute, I can’t resist making mock-ups!


Because I haven’t been going around the malls during those weeks, I didn’t see them posted in the stores until last week. I was looking for a present for my boyfriend (it was his birthday!) and I was going around frantically when I passed by and gasped! It was so surreal.

After designing the decal, they approached me to design the neon light lettering for the shop too! These kinds of quirky, unexpected details make Heim Interiors stand out: a sweet-looking store with neon lights, and it works! Who knew?

The team wanted baking/cupcake quotes in script. I came up with two designs within a day because I was super excited! This time, I followed my gut and decided to make one with modified typefaces and one with my (cleaned-up) handwriting. Mockup again, ugh they look so cool!


They chose the one with my handwriting! It was a revelation, really!

The neon lettering is installed in their new UP Town Center branch in Katipunan. I wish I can visit the store soon, but for now I’ll just repost the pic from @heiminteriors’ Instagram account. (Let’s make the #friendless Katipunan meet happen, guys!)

neon cupcakes

October is starting to be an interesting month to blog about, and I’ve lined up some more posts and projects that would hopefully push through (you know, apart from me doing my day job). I hope it does and I hope I can do everything well!

Hello guys! I have been busy to sit down and blog but I do get to post on tumblr and Instagram, because it’s an instant gratification thing. So let me make up for it by posting stuff with my phone!

I got myself a really affordable smart phone, and I’ve been using it lately because it’s pretty convenient (Google apps are great!) even though the camera’s not so good. All of our cameras have broken down and are under repair, so I got to rely on this cam, and although I’m really not satisfied with the photos, it got me posting in Instagram quite a bit. So, to the updates:

Soon at Heima


Super secret Heima project! Heima’s new stuff this fall will be so great, can’t wait for the release! (Reposted from @heimastore, of course.)

Paper cut practice


So happy to do more, proper layout when we get our camera back.

YAY Fanart

poi poster

Made a Saul Bass-inspired poster for Person of Interest just because I saw the SDCC poster and it makes me giggle and point at how, uh, mind-boggling it is.


Also, WHO’S LISTENING TO WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE? Guys, it’s ridiculously good, and it makes me doodle things.

Mabuhay DIY interview

mabuhay diy

I got featured and interviewed in Mabuhay DIY! Mabuhay DIY is super crafter Drea’s blog, which chronicles her arts and crafts journey. I wish I can make time and craft religiously like her. Thank you so much Drea! <3

There are so much stuff to do this month and I hope I can blog more about it!