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  • March 17, 2015
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I began this year in a rut. Things were not running as smoothly as I wanted them to, and I could barely catch up with anything. I didn’t like how 2014 ended and I was stressing myself to end everything and start anew. I had to find creative ways to relieve these bottled-up anxieties, so I decided to use my half-full brush pens to teach myself some fancy lettering work.

Pretty soon, I got addicted to it! I didn’t really take it seriously (I will not whip out some fancy nibs and do Copperplate, but who knows) and I’m not really into your typical, inspiring quotes (I appreciate them, but I gravitate towards nerdy and sometimes self-depreciating words of wisdom… or cuss words), but writing things down gives me instant relief from everyday stress. I ordered most of the pens from Swirls and Strokes, and I’ve been stopping myself from ordering more until I run out of ink.

Here are some things I posted in Instagram. I’ve discovered how to use PicsArt, it’s the first app I found that can edit layers and opacity settings.

Dear God #lettering #calligraphyph #cocoiro #handlettering #handmadetype #calligraphy

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That kind of week. *sigh* #lettering #handlettering #calligraphy #handmadetype,

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I’ve calmed down since then. Being creative takes out a lot of stress from technical work and processes, and if stressful days would strike again I’m pretty sure I’d be OK.

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