Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

Happy new year! Still very busy here at work, I’ve yet to catch a breather even after the holidays.

Even though I still have plans on posting this really long update, I chose to go through stuff bit by bit this year. And if you’re following me on Instagram, you’d notice that I post some lettering attempts and sketches. I’ve been doing them since I’ve bought brush pen refills from Japan (yes, I went to Japan, remind me to post some photos!) and although I haven’t been that great, I’ve seen some improvements from the things I did for VCB.

I’ve enrolled myself in Mary Kay McDevitt’s Skillshare class, and even though I haven’t posted anything in class I’ve tried the exercises after some months. While attending a lettering workshop by Serious Studio, I finally had the time to complete the lettering project.

The class project involves making a poster out of a favorite quote, and since the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack was on repeat on the latter part of 2014, I chose to draw something from The Origin of Love.


I collected my thumbnails into an image. I lacked some historical research on this, as the lesson recommends.

Defining some of the shapes and alignment. Still undecisive of some stuff.

Inking the thing! Tracing over the drawing helped me decide on the final shapes.

Hedwig - not as great
Tracing the poster in Illustrator for the first time. Ugh look at the awkward, uneven lines. I’m not so great with colors, that I made 3 more color tests that I posted in tumblr and had to scrap after.

Hedwig final!

Finally, I decided to get the color scheme from photos from Hedwig’s costumes from Broadway. It’s my most favorite so far!

So here’s a little Valentine’s thing for you guys, I hope you like it. I made more stuff and practiced a lot since this, and I’ve been more comfortable with brush pens. Like always, I’m still in the process of discovering that distinct style that I’d like to call my own, and practice makes things better. I hope I’l have time for everything else though!

What’s next for this blog? I have no idea, but I hope I have the time and guts to finish them all soon.

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