Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

Needless to say I am still surprised that this blog is still alive.

But things did happen! And most of the time I am busy with work (Yes! Still employed while freelancing and sewing notebooks! A miracle, right?), and I just have to catch up on sleep (else, I might go insane). I am old, guys, and I can’t stay up even if I’d really want to.

(No, really, I tried going without sleep for 2 days this year. I thought I was gonna die. 5 years ago I would still be running on adrenaline on day 3, and can walk around.)

Will try to document the process as much as I can, but here are some notable things that happened:

Made notebooks for Jessica Zafra

Twisted notebooks

Designed more neon lights!

VCB Glorietta 3

Designed a super posh mural for My Apt

My Apt wall

Made more paper cut art

Trese WIP

Made new notebooks!!!

11th Companions

Tried foil again! (Yessss.)


Of course, the kicker is I turned 30 this year.

I was planning some visual information design razzmatazz, but I still haven’t been taking notes. Maybe later? Right now, how about a riot grrl/angry girl rock playlist?

30 is too old to be a bad girl

If you guess which painting this is I will kiss you. Also, even while catching up on jazz and electronic swing, I’m still an angry 90’s kid at heart.

I don’t know how to feel about me turning 30. On one hand, I’m glad for everything so far, even if things never go as I expect them (especially this year, what), I am still surprised about what everyday brings. On the other hand, doom: have I done anything remotely useful for humanity? If not, isn’t that embarrassing? What is the point of going past 30? Are things going to get better?

But enough existential drama. Busy tayo. Until the next post! (I swear I will write more!)

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