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Hey guysssss! It’s been 2 months since I’ve updated, and as always I feel really bad about it. But then again, I’m just collecting stuff for things to share, and these couple of weeks have been super exciting for me.

Heim Interiors, the interior design firm of Heima Home and Lifestyle, commissioned me to make lettering designs for Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


I’ve been curious about the overall shabby chic look of Vanilla Cupcake since I saw their small Trinoma kiosk, especially after I’ve treated myself to an afternoon there: it looks and feels like Heima’s early shabby chic collection, but done in pastels. And I was right, it was definitely Heim Interiors!

The team approached me to make handwritten, cupcake-themed decals for their project. At first I didn’t know it was for the store, and it was a good thing because I loved their concept and I don’t want to stick to a preconceived style the store is using.

I guess I was super excited and pumped that I got the concept quickly and worked on it. I had a hard time with the lettering: my handwriting is the worst, and although I can style it and make it look better, it was not what the concept asked for. So I went on and modified and tweaked some typefaces, which looked pretty good (aka better than my handwriting).

The decals looked super cute, I can’t resist making mock-ups!


Because I haven’t been going around the malls during those weeks, I didn’t see them posted in the stores until last week. I was looking for a present for my boyfriend (it was his birthday!) and I was going around frantically when I passed by and gasped! It was so surreal.

After designing the decal, they approached me to design the neon light lettering for the shop too! These kinds of quirky, unexpected details make Heim Interiors stand out: a sweet-looking store with neon lights, and it works! Who knew?

The team wanted baking/cupcake quotes in script. I came up with two designs within a day because I was super excited! This time, I followed my gut and decided to make one with modified typefaces and one with my (cleaned-up) handwriting. Mockup again, ugh they look so cool!


They chose the one with my handwriting! It was a revelation, really!

The neon lettering is installed in their new UP Town Center branch in Katipunan. I wish I can visit the store soon, but for now I’ll just repost the pic from @heiminteriors’ Instagram account. (Let’s make the #friendless Katipunan meet happen, guys!)

neon cupcakes

October is starting to be an interesting month to blog about, and I’ve lined up some more posts and projects that would hopefully push through (you know, apart from me doing my day job). I hope it does and I hope I can do everything well!

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[…] Even though I still have plans on posting this really long update, I chose to go through stuff bit by bit this year. And if you’re following me on Instagram, you’d notice that I post some lettering attempts and sketches. I’ve been doing them since I’ve bought brush pen refills from Japan (yes, I went to Japan, remind me to post some photos!) and although I haven’t been that great, I’ve seen some improvements from the things I did for VCB. […]

on January 6, 2016 at 10:28 pm

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