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  • July 4, 2013
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People don’t get why I love Foucault’s Pendulum. And understandably so, because it’s a very hard book to read – with footnotes, offline blog entries, and a retelling of the history of Western esotericism (and an alternate view of Western history). But if only for quotes like these, for heartbreaking stories about the pains of creation, and for how words and symbols have lives of their own.


It’s July, and suddenly everything falls into the category of “things I haven’t done,” because I certainly haven’t done anything relatively big and structured, and it seems that way for the first half of the year too even though I made really great stuff. The 6-month mark really does get to me, especially when the only thing I can remember doing is sitting through the first seasons of Hannibal (as a person who read Thomas Harris while growing up, OH MY GOD everything is beautiful and everything hurts) and Person of Interest (so far it’s a crime-of-the-week sci-fi show/commentary on national surveillance and AI but Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson are MAGNIFICENT) after work. Haven’t even finished Game of Thrones season 3 yet (I’ve read the books so I know, OK?). Heck, even work was testing my ability to open eyelids. June was ultimately lazy, guys.

I can’t wait to have more exciting things soon. It will be hectic and crazy again, and I hope I’ll be ready to face it.

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