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  • May 23, 2013
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Because I learned how to ship things from Amazon without incurring ridiculously expensive shipping fees, I tried starting a collection of design books. My brother, who does magical things with money, started his own with Modern Architecture books (mostly Taschen, argh). Because I can afford some things now (living in the province = budget aww yeah) I am trying to get more design books with the hope that they can help me go where I want to go, as far as design is concerned. Supplementary graphic design education, yo!

(I also bought that secondhand beanie baby deer, but not in Amazon. His name is Heisenberg.)

  • ┬áIf I didn’t read Thinking with Type, I wouldn’t have used grids on this site. Or on anything, for that matter. It’s a course in graphic design that I didn’t really have in the past! And I’m surprised at how handy this book is! This is my go-to book on design from now on.
  • Design School Confidential is not mine (hehe) but I’m gonna get mine soon. I haven’t finished it yet because I really want to make my own versions of the projects, so I can experience the whole thing.
  • Whenever I flip open Paper Cutting, I die a little inside and kick myself for not doing that paper project I’ve been planning for 2 years now.
  • Craft, Inc. and The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing has been helpful to me in understanding the design business. It has always been hard for me to put a price on my designs that I forget about replying to some inquiries (it’s rude and I AM SORRY :(((( ) just because I am horrified about computing stuff. So far these books are pushing me into the right direction.
  • HOW Magazine’s annual Self-Promotion Awards issue huhuhu so many pretty things.

OK, not so much books (I didn’t feature the non-design books I got though, so stay tuned). But it’s a start. Do you have any more book recommendations this month?

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