Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.

Happy 2013 – wait, it’s MARCH already?

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I’ve been super busy the past few months – I’ve been in charge of all Christmas/New Year stuff at work (lone artist at work, lulz!) and we’ve had so many projects. I’ve been busy with freelance work too, and right now I’ve just been catching up on sleep. (Thank you holidays!!!!)

Onwards, though. Remember the goals I’ve encircled last year? Here’s a look back on some of those. I didn’t do some of them, and some of my plans and personal projects have been shelved, but I’ve managed to fulfill more and still learn new things this year.

2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4

Tried keeping it simple this time. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about my new projects. I’ve been more active in tumblr, and after erasing my initial account (created for following people, deleted when I decided to give up on mobile photo-taking), I reopened my Instagram account this month (trying to make use of my new camera phone: photo quality is still cringe-inducing but hmm, let’s give it a chance).

The past few months turned out to be challenging but fun! I hope it stays that way, although I don’t mind some vacations in between. <3

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