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  • October 19, 2012
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Pretty excited to share these to you guys! After some weeks of getting lost in the mail, look what came into the office yesterday:


My Moo card samples have arrived! Haha, as you can see we’re not too shy to open the packs at all!

 A few months back, I signed up for an account with my brother, and we both saw Moo’s free business card promo. I’ve wanted to make my business cards myself so I didn’t think much about it, but my brother signed up immediately. After some months, he received his cards. I was impressed with the printing and the paper quality so I had to sign up!

Moo can also send you free sample packs, where customers can choose from the various products they offer before ordering. I wanted to know how the luxe cards and stickers on the sticker books would look like, and I’m so giddy when I finally had them in my hands:


I am so tempted to order more cards and more items from them! But for the meantime: here are my cards!


I love the finish and the crispness of the printing. Also, these samples are absolutely free! Imagine how your actual orders would look like!

Moo lets you play around with your layouts and upload your own images for business cards, stickers, mini-cards, and more. If you can’t make layouts by yourself, you can choose from various layouts they offer. Also, you can print different images on each card! These will be shipped in beautiful boxes and booklets, so you can carry them on the go. It’s pretty straightforward and very convenient if you don’t have the time or software to make cards at all.


A bit of advice: if you’re shipping to Manila and you’re on a budget, it’s more affordable to ship using the UK website than the US, but you would have to wait longer for the package to arrive.

Personally, I would prefer making my own cards with an offset printer – something that Moo’s not offering yet. I would like to experiment with printing methods and other techniques with paper. But Moo has colored me impressed indeed, and would think about them for other projects and needs. Will definitely recommend these to friends, and I can’t wait to send these new ones out! Thanks Moo!

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