Andrea Cervantes is Beruna Girl, designer & illustrator from Laguna, Philippines.


Hello everybody! I’m still alive, hahaha! Also, like a good fan, I can’t stop myself from posting a pic of September from Fringe this month.

Work and weekend trips dominated my August and early September, but it’s not as dramatic or emotionally-wrenching like July, so everything is good.┬áRight now I’m focusing more on losing weight, which I’m happy to report that I am doing successfully but slowly! I didn’t think that I can cut down on the sweets and eliminate the chips and other junk food like I did before, but now I stopped craving. I just got back into the habit of exercising too, so I hope rains or really bad weather wouldn’t get in the way or I have to fight my way with the bros and work out with our EA Active 2 on the PS3.

It was Fringe‘s anniversary last September 9, and although I am really, really sad that my favorite show had to go, I’m so happy being a fan of it and I certainly won’t forget this show long after it ends. As a tribute, I collected all my Fringe covers into one page here:

Fringe Essentials Covers

It looks so good in the iPad (also, we have an official office iPad, because my boss is awesome)! So glad that people in the fandom love them, and I’m glad that most of my friends started tuning in because of my covers. I just wish that there would be a season or two more to enjoy.

I’ve been doing a lot of fan work, like wallpapers and gifs, these past few months. I guess working on a field entirely different from graphic design had made me miss Photoshop and Illustrator, and I’ve been enjoying them as a mental and creative activity. Although it’s pretty much a short-attention-span, instant-gratification thing and I don’t get to own some rights, it’s still a productive activity which I enjoy immensely.

But then I had an opportunity to design something for a very strange client this month, something I’ve been dreaming of doing ever since! So excited to share it with you, and although the final art wasn’t really my most favorite of what I did, I see it as a foot in the door and a start of a great adventure.

So how are you doing? How’s September (the month – although tell me asap if you’ve seen Observers around)?

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