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  • February 21, 2012
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Wooh! Talk about busy! I have been doing things for work that I almost forgot my resolution to write more. So I’m here to recap at what had been happening this month – and it’s pretty much haphazard this month so I hope I would still sound comprehensible.


Hugo (1)

I rarely watch movies in the cinemas, and I try avoiding watching 3D movies (headaches for inflated prices), but when I saw the trailer for Scorsese’s Hugo, I told myself that I should watch it.

Have you seen that scene at the end of Cinema Paradiso when the lead character couldn’t handle his emotions while he played the roll of film? I was pretty much like that when I saw Hugo. It is a love letter to films, and it was so beautiful. I haven’t seen anything like it in Scorsese’s movies, but there’s the same passion running into it.

Or maybe because I am a movie geek and I salute George Melies’ giving birth to fantasy movies and paving way for most of my favorite directors and movies (shoutout to Terry Gilliam, forever). Or maybe because I’m a big fan of the setting – Paris in the 1930’s. Or maybe because they graciously gave a shoutout to Louise Brooks, one of my favorite actresses EVER. I have so much reasons to love this movie that I didn’t really mind the 3D glasses constantly slipping down my nose. Sabi nga sa Tumblr, so many feels.


#Believe in Sherlock Posters (2)

My Sherlock poster earned almost 1,500+ notes in Tumblr, and I wasn’t even done with the series! I will work on John again because I’m still hesitant about his pose, and I’m torn about including Mycroft and Irene Adler in this series… but here are the nearly finished Molly Hooper and Inspector Lestrade WIPs.


Things from Japan

Because people in the office were going to Japan, I asked them to send me these:

A¬†Pentel Brush Pen (3), which costs 3X in Deovir the last time I checked. I want a more free-flowing drawing style so I’d be practicing with this in the meantime.

A DIY GAKKEN film TLR camera¬†(4)! Don’t you love it when you assemble stuff? Haven’t found 35mm film around this town (what) so I’m still excited to test it!

It’s been an interesting month for me, and I’m happy that I’m keeping things together in this new environment:

  • While my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentines’ Day, we had fun going around my hometown during Valentines’ weekend.
  • Saving up. For the first time. OH YEAH.
  • Tracking down a health maintenance to-do list.
  • I’m still not happy about my blog layout, and while my iBook died today with my new layout still in progress (WHYYYYYYYYY), I might have time to step back and look at what I want to do and what I did so far.

As in real life.

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