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  • January 7, 2012
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2012 just came by and I had time to think about the things I want to do this year. I wasn’t able to do this last year, and I hope I can stick to this.

Design More

I put up a Projects section because I listed some personal projects that I want to do and I want to document them here. The projects mostly came to my mind at odd times, and I hope I can do all these. I can be very, very lazy and I tend to just spend time doing nothing but I really, really want to use all these time to sit down and work on stuff.

Lose Weight

Would you believe I gained 15 lbs. last year?!! GASP! Talk about stress-eating! Unacceptable! So I plan to jog and enroll at a gym or yoga classes. Started jogging this week! I recently saw the Sherlock episode A Scandal in Belgravia and I am motivated to look a bit like Lara Pulver’s Irene Adler. Or, ok, I want to be fit this year!

Do the Best

Especially at work. Two months and I still feel like a noob (it requires more technical knowledge than all my jobs combined) and I hope I get better at it. Most recently, some people on our team will be flown to Japan for a small project they did, and I am inspired to work harder and be sent somewhere too.

Be a Volunteer

With so many disasters happening around the Philippines, I feel so useless when I see people helping by volunteering. Sure I send help, but it would be great to volunteer the next time people need help.

Draw Often

And draw better! And diversify! I know I’m useless at landscapes and waterscapes but I would like to draw some. And draw some men too.

Learn Driving

As an ultimate payback for the years my mom never fetched me while I was sick / in need / in real danger (“Ma I have a flu and I can’t stand, can you take me home?” And my mom will be like, “Anak, walang gas, take a bus.” WHICH NEVER HAPPENED TO MY BROS BTW.), I get to be driven to work! But the driver couldn’t make it some days and sometimes I need to go places. So I’ll work on this, even if I’m terrified of roads and other cars.

Necessarily Upgrade

Or, buy myself a Macbook Pro. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still living out my living simply principle.  I just think that if I have to live off on design, I need a faster laptop than the iBook (which I still love and use), and has more memory than our reliable desktop.

Also, this applies to my reading list. Thank you, George R. R. Martin for your amazing plot and purplish prose – because of you I want to get back on my reading list.

Have More Savings

Recently I bought an equity fund and I love how it works for me and for the future. I’m also paranoid of things so I want to get another insurance policy and build up my liquid funds again. This will take years, but a future as a grandma owning a farm looks very enticing to me, so I should stop buying impulsively and save up!

Update Always

I got tired of blogging some years ago, and I hope it wouldn’t happen now! I want to have weekly updates and drawings! OK, bi-weekly maybe. Crossing fingers!

Find a Scholarship

I always wanted to study abroad, and get a scholarship. There’s this nagging voice in my brain that tells me that this is the right time to get my MA, and abroad. I hope I can build a great portfolio and come up with a decent study, and I hope this site can help.

Well, a lengthy list for 2012. Can I make good for the year’s end? Let’s go! 🙂

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